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For 120 years, Ecuador’s national lottery is quite appreciatable. Ecuador has openly accepted lottery and has introduced a number of games in it. Some of them take the lottery to a new level with its impressive games and skills. The one top in the list is the Ecuador Lotto.

How to play

In this game, there can be only one winner. The reason behind it is the concept that applies here. Well, there is good news too. They do select a second and third winner. The probability increases though. The players don’t get a chance to choose their number. Instead, numbers are printed on a paper ticket. One just got to buy it.daftar poker terpercaya

Every number is unique hence there can be only one winner in each game. It is a legitimate game to play as it organized by the Ecuador government. The money is real. The funds collected by the Loteria Nacional are used for the development of Ecuador, such as school, hospitals etc. This organization hosts a lot more games. They include Triple bonus, Pozo, keno, etc.

Rules to play

It is the easiest game to play. The rules that apply here isn’t that difficult to comprehend. Even naïve players would be able to understand it without any problem. Go buy yourself a ticket.

  • Choose a number through your conscience. You can get a ticket from any retail store or grocery store.
  • Make sure that the store is a licensed one and it is legal to buy it from there.
  • Check the ticket if it’s a genuine one or is a fake one. But the prize it offers is very high.
  • The result is shown on television thrice a week.
  • Make note of the number. Maybe you could be the lucky one to grab all that cash.

Small cash out can be made from the vendor you bought the ticket from while large amounts are given in the form of checks and you have to visit their office to get the amount. The winning amount has to be claimed within 3 months.


It’s a genuine way to collect cash but is only available for Ecuador’s people. Well, you can try poker online . Since the day it was born it transformed itself to the level it is today. It is played thrice a week i.e. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. LoteriaNacional is the entity that organizes the national lottery and is responsible to distribute the prize money to the winners.